Budget calculator

With regular bills and outgoings, it can sometimes be difficult to budget accordingly, and that's how credit problems begin for a large number of people. With Our Budget Calculator, you can accurately work out precisely how much you can afford in a matter of seconds – why not give it a try today?

Payroll Deductions

Gross Income (monthly average)
Savings Plan
Other (medical, dental, etc.)
Total Payroll Deductions
Net Income minus Deductions


Personal Savings (pay yourselves first)
Housing (rent or mortgage, etc.)
Home Maintenance (laundry, toiletries, upkeep)
Transportation (purchase, lease, or public)
Auto Upkeep (gas, insurance, license, etc.)
Food (groceries + dining out)
Books, Periodicals, Online Services
Entertainment (TV, movies, CD's, vacation)
Debt Repayment (credit card, school, etc.)
Other Expenses
Total Expenses
Net Income Minus All Expenses

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