Vehicle Financing for Canadian Citizens - 99% Approval Rate

November 25, 2013, 9:25 am
Vehicle Financing for Canadian Citizens - 99% Approval Rate

When it comes to vehicle financing, having a poor credit score can often be a barrier to securing a low-cost, good-value deal. Certain lenders who focus on the financial histories of their applicants might choose to avoid lending to those with a less than perfect credit rating. Of course, in uncertain economic times, many Canadians have blemishes here and there when it comes to credit – a missed or late payment can easily lead to a low credit score, affecting your ability to source credit as and when you need it.

It can be frustrating not being able to find easy access to car credit when you need it, and nobody understands this more than Canada Car Loans - which is why we take a different approach to vehicle financing. We pride ourselves on helping 99% of our applicants to secure affordable credit, and we do this by focusing on our customer's current financial situation, instead of looking at their past. If you are currently in full-time employment and earning at least $1600 a month, we can guarantee you some automobile financing solutions at the most attractive rates in the country.

Another bugbear many Canadians have when it comes to vehicle financing involves having to endure complicated application processes. At Canada Car Loans, it's our aim to make things as simple as they can possibly be. All our customers need to do is enter their details into our securely encrypted online application form, and allow us to do the rest. Our experts can match you with a lender, and in most circumstances we can offer same-day approvals via our prompt and professional service. Apply now, and you could be driving away in a brand new vehicle today!

Whilst a poor credit rating used to mean struggling to find affordable car credit, Canada Car Loans is here to provide Canadian citizens with a fresh new approach to vehicle financing. Your credit history isn't important to us – all we take into consideration is your current ability to meet repayments, a method which allows us to provide car credit to more people than ever before.

The service we provide is completely free, with no obligation to commit to a loan. As one of the largest providers of vehicle financing in Canada, we work alongside some of the biggest banks and financial institutions in the country in order to provide the best value car credit solutions for all of our customers, regardless of their current financial situation. We can also offer fantastic rebates and manufacturer incentives as a result of our close working relationships with our associated dealerships.

At Canada Car Loans, things couldn't be simpler. It's our belief that all Canadians should have quick and easy access to vehicle financing, and we achieve this by continuously helping to build great relationships between consumers and vehicle dealers throughout the country, in order to provide the best possible automobile financing solutions the country has to offer. If you need quick car credit, make us your number one choice - we have a variety of financing options to suit all needs.